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Speakers Surround

Speakers Surround spesifikasi

Pengetahuan seputar speakers surround bisa di analisis dari kumpulan artikel berikut ini. Sebelumnya kita telah kupas dasar-dasar suara surround dan kelengkapan untuk membuat sebuah bioskop rumah.

  1. 1 Left and Rigt Front Speakers
    This brings the main channel speakers. Music and sound effects will be channeled through the component. These speakers have a wide frequency range and a smooth repons.
  2. 2 Center Speaker.

Speaker is responsible for delivering dialogue in the film as well as a bit of music and sound effects will reverberate we enjoy.

  1. 3 Left and Right Surround Speakers

This optimizes monophonic sound speakers through the back so as not to be as strong as the front speakers. Surround speakers also do not produce or release of low frequency or small that its dimensions can be smaller.

  1. 4 Sub Woofer
    Sub woofer the speakers are optimized to produce low frequency sounds again like when there is noise and engine noise burst.

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