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How To make Speaker Louder the BEST bass

This video about how to make a speaker from youtube is a way to improve bass for speakers, improve sound for better listener speakers. Especially true for weak magnetic speakers. The reason is that I have posted a video to prove that it works well or not. And for you to determine when to add magnets in all directions and how to get the most bass out of your speakers.

how to make speaker louder

How to make speakers with magnets

It’s been a long time since my creation. But there are many opposing opinions. And some of you don’t believe it can increase the power of the speaker to provide better speakers. So today I decided to prove this. Now I will decide to remove the original BMB speaker to see how it looks. the opposite 2 magnets These push each other.

How to get the BEST bass, tips to add magnets in the right direction for speaker louder

This is not the same direction, why will I explain to you later because I am just like you First, I will mark A and B on a magnet Some people say that the coil is outside the magnet, so it doesn’t work So I will experiment with the first speaker roll I will measure the metal rod behind it. It has a thickness of 8mm. It’s thick enough for how to make high bass speakers.

Now I will put the coil on the outside of the magnet. This is even farther than the distance I measured, To see if it works or not, I will power the coil with a 12Vdc source, and I will not reverse the power supply. If I reverse the power source it will turn into thrust, and when I turn the power back, it will turn into suction power If I leave the coil outside the magnetic field, the coil will not move. how to increase speaker bass, how to make speaker louder

Here I will not reverse the power supply for the entire trial period, so that works, and this is downward force, it still works, it sucks clearly, and now I will reverse the magnet, when I turn the magnet, it turns into a boost .

And when I put the coil close to the inside of the speaker, of course, the thrust is stronger. But I will try it located on the outside of the magnet, whether it works or not, so it still works, the magnetic field still has an effect on the coil. If there is no magnetic field, the coil will not move. So the magnetic field is very wide. Now I will get another CD that still works, even though I cover it with aluminum. So it’s far enough and it’s very difficult to stop it.Can’t say They use more magnets to avoid interference with the television if they want to protect noise They will use cold iron wrapped like a computer speaker that you just saw.

I have marked all surfaces B This means that the face is magnetized B. That means that the same direction pushes the coil in one direction, so when you add a magnet in the same direction, B will push the coil together. This makes the magnet stronger. Of course two magnets will push the coil better than a magnet. So the final conclusion is to add a magnet along the side of the suction.

You have to add magnets to each other so that it increases magnetic strength, and increases the power of the speaker. If you stay in the direction of repulsion it will not increase magnetic strength, Unless your bottom magnet is very good and strong, So why does the BMB add a magnet in the opposite direction, BMB has added a magnet to repulsion, meaning suction and boost. reason: The metal behind the speaker is quite thick. It also reduces some magnetism, the second is the bottom magnet, the main magnet and is strong enough, and if it is the original magnet so add a second magnet to keep this coil causing the coil to be maintained.

Makes bass sound stronger and stronger The limited coil roll vibration tends to move for reasons Some speakers designed on the front of the speaker are hard paper to make the drum stronger and stronger. They designed a hard surface to hold a better coil. So they add magnets to help maintain the coil, so it also works for better bass. Applies to amplifiers with good power. But with us I want the speaker to be stronger when the magnet is weak. Then you have to put two magnets to pull each other. If your main magnet is strong, you will attach two magnets in the opposite direction.

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