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Bilateral Labour Agreements

Chilton, A. S. and Posner, E. A. (2017). Why countries sign bilateral employment contracts, Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics working paper 807, The University of Chicago law school, 51. Accessible: The project aims to help the Polish government develop a comprehensive and sustainable policy framework on labour migration. It is aimed at Polish ministries and relevant public administrations in order to strengthen their institutional capacity to design and implement a labour migration policy, in line with Poland`s needs and strategic priorities. The results will be a number of concrete results, including reports and working papers on best practices. We created two datasets based on the 582 BLAs we identified. The first dataset – BLA`s contract data sheet – used the contract as an observation unit.

The second dataset – BLAs DyadYear Dataset – uses the Dyad year as an observation unit. The Dyad Year dataset is structured to be analyzed by other scientists and contains a series of variables from other public datasets (full quote information is available in the corresponding codesbooks). For more information on these two agreements, please see the information below. Wickramasekara, P. (2015). Bilateral agreements and Memorandums of Understanding on the migration of low-skilled workers: a review, International Labour Office – Geneva, ILO. Practicable:—ed_protect/—protrav/—migrant/documents/publication/wcms_385582.pdf Wickramasekara, P. and Ruhunage, L. K. (2018). Good practices and provisions in multilateral and bilateral labour contracts and declarations of intent by the International Labour Organization. 92P.

Accessible: This chapter makes a provisional review of bilateral agreements on labour migration in the light of human and labour rights. The emphasis is on labour migration agreements, unlike other bilateral agreements adopted by states that could have an impact on migrant workers, such as readmission agreements or coordination agreements for social security agreements.

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